Pricing for the EHealthConx Portal is based on the number of scans you wish to have over-read, and who will be completing your over-reads. If you already have someone who can evaluate your scans, your cost is $3.00 per scan. If you would prefer our staff to over-read your scans for you the cost is $6.00 per scan. In addition we can offer discounts to groups with several users so contact us in you are interested in this option.

When purchasing over-reads you can select from a designated number of scans (20, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 150, 300.) You will have one year from the date of your last purchase to complete your scans. There is a small transaction fee ($5.00) for each purchase.

We attempt to over-read all scans in less than 48 hours, and over-reads are given for technical competence and are not to be used for medical decision making (for more information see our disclaimer.)

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Over-reads by
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